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Stage 0
(Governance, Design, Architecture, Capabilities)
  • Risk Heat map
  • Project Management Office
  • Governance Operating Model & Benefits for Nonprofits & Communities
  • Integrated Capabilities for Afghan Society Governance Programs Program
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Architecture
  • Database & Applications/Services Architecture
  • Identity & Access Management Architecture
  • Web Servers, CDN & Proxy Architecture
  • Firewall & Secure Network
  • Backups, Storage architecture
  • Development & Automation Architecture
Stage 1
Introduction & Awareness
  • Develop and agree on governance structure, decision authority, scope, and outcomes (Feb-June).
  • Define charter, scope, and membership for Social Initiative domains (June-Sept).
  • Identify and socialize key stakeholders and business co-chairs (Aug-Oct).
  • Launch Afghan Society Governance Programs Advocacy Working Group (Oct-Dec).
Investment Value:
USD 1 Million
Stage 2
  • Build Society Benefits scorecards that provide context, credibility, and "call to action."
  • Develop key tools including maturity models and effective presentation templates to integrate business strategies and goals.
  • Track the status of relationships with stakeholders.
  • Report on Food Distribution Program performance and impact score for the full year.
Investment Value:
USD 1 Million
Stage 3
Society Wide Operation
  • Evaluate the Food Distribution governance program as a whole via focused interviews and surveys.
  • Monitor key risk remediation and controls pre-post the development of Environment Services Governance.
  • Report on Society Programs performance for the full year to the Council, Community and Media